Horse supplements for digestion, gut & stomach

Natural horse supplements which support healthy digestion and help the gastric system in equines.

Support your horse's gastric function & health.

Our stomach function range of horse supplements are designed to support your horse by giving it the nutrition it needs to stay healthy. For example the GastroPLUS is designed to naturally stimulate your horse to produce more mucus that lines the stomach which can help with healthy stomach function.

Our supplements are much cheaper than drugs, they are all natural and come in a range of strengths depending on what your horse needs.

Our intensive stomach & gastro supplements.

Intensive supplement: GastroPLUS

A powerful natural supplement which helps your horse to improve and protect it's stomach lining by encouraging the production of  protective mucus.

Increased stomach mucus can help promote a healthy stomach.

Starting at £50

for 30 servings.

Strong maintenance supplement: GastroEZ

A lower strength and longer term supplement than our GastroPLUS. It works in the same way but the lower strength means less protective stomach mucus.

GastroEZ is designed as a maintenance supplement for longer term support.

Starting at £50

for 30 servings.

Long term support & maintenance - SFM

General stomach function maintenance: SFM

A supplement full of all the nutrition required to support your horse's stomach & gastro health. A best seller for top trainers & happy hackers alike.

Starting at £40

for 30 servings.

SFM with extra...

Order the Stomach Function Maintenance with extra formula for extra support. Add "Calmer" for added calmer formula or one of our other blends.

Starting at £45

for 30 servings.

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