Recommended products for winter 

Now we are in the grip of winter, grass begins to lack nutrients. It is essential to provide your horse with the extra nutrition they need to keep them in top form. Here at T.H.E Equine Edge, we have the perfect complementary feed to give your horse everything that they need to succeed this winter and keep condition on them until the spring. 

Here are the products that we recommend this winter: 

Calmer Powder is an ideal product if you are  stabling your horse this winter. Utilising a natural amino-acid L-Tyrosine, Calmer Powder is added to the daily hard feed and provides a constant calming effect which will help your horse to feel calm and relaxed. Working with young horses this winter? Calmer Powder can help your horse feel relaxed and confident whilst being introduced to tack and ridden away. 

T.H.E Super daily is a fantastic all-round product that supports the joints, aids the development of lean muscle, maintains digestive health and provides the necessary vitamins and minerals required during the winter months. T.H.E Super Daily is an efficient way to improve and maintain your horse’s general well-being as well as their performance.

PulmonEz is a great product for maintaining respiratory function during cold temperatures. Repeated work in the cold can lead to chronic airway inflammation. PulmonEz contains high levels of turmeric and cinnamon, helping to reduce inflammation and maintain elasticity of the capillaries. PulmonEz is a perfect complementary feed to help keep your horses respiratory function in top form.   

T.H.E. Super Daily