More than 9,000 winners - with a 24 year legacy

Some of the most successful horses in the world only use our supplements.

Some of the most successful racehorses, dressage horse and show jumpers in the world are fueled by our products.

Their trainers have entrusted us with their success - Let us help your horse succeed too!

Supplements for the best - makes us the best.

See below a list of just a handful of our 5,000 + winners

Some of the trainers who exclusively use our supplements include huge names like Bob Baffert & Art Sherman.

With just a few of his horses winning champion status, including: Justify (triple crown winner 2018), Arrogate and American Pharaoh (triple crown winner 2015).

We can't legally state our supplements work, but take a look at the list below and make your own mind up.

A few of our top horses:

Horse name: Justify

Value: £45.6 million

Trainer: Bob Baffert 


  • The triple crown, June 10th 2018.

    Considered the greatest accomplishment in Thoroughbred racing. 

    Also the second time we've won it in 3 years.

Horse name: American Pharaoh

Value: £60.8 million

Trainer: Bob Baffert


  • The triple crown, 2015. 

    The first time it had been won in 37 years.

  • Horse of the year, 2015.

Horse name: Arrogate

Trainer: Bob Baffert 


  • Worlds best racehorse - 2016, Longies.

  • Breeders Cup Classic, Grade 1, $4,500,000

Horse name: California Chrome

Trainer: Art Sherman 


  • Horse of the year 2016.

  • 2016 Dubai World Cup Winner.

  • Horse of the year 2014.

A few other stats

  • 2 Triple Crown wins

  • 2 Belmont stakes winners

  • 4 Kentucky Derby winners

  • 4 Preakness Stakes winners

  • 13 Breeders Cup World Championship wins.

  • 10 Equine Eclipse champions.

  • 200+ Grade 1 Stakes winners

  • 230+ Grade 2 Stakes winners

  • 125+ Grade 3 Stakes winners

  • Over 555+ graded stakes winners.

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