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Turmeric, Cinnamon, Flax Meal, L-Arginine,  Himalayan Salt, L-Proline,L-Valine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Zinc Sulfate, Iron Gluconate, Vitamin D3


Nutritional analysis:

  • Total Oil - 9.55%
  • Sodium - 2.18%
  • Crude Protein - 37.6%
  • Crude Fiber - 7.9%
  • Crude Ash - 3.9%

 What is FlamOxide for?

A go-to complementary feed for any horse suffering from specific joint issues such as arthritis, long term stiffness or an injury. With a blend of high-quality ingredients, this product is safe to use long term, without side effects or withdrawals.


How does it work?

FlamOxide helps increase the lubrication of joints by supporting the connective tissues between and reducing inflammation. 


What are the feeding instructions?

Per 500kg horse, administer 2 level scoops as a top dressing mixed with regular hard feed for the first 5 days of use. Resume with 1 level scoop per day thereafter. Can be mixed with water and administered with a syringe if necessary


If there are any ingredients you are looking to avoid, please get in touch! We manufacture all of our complementary feed here on-site in Newmarket. This means we are able to customize any of our products to suit your horse's unique requirements.