The science behind the results.

How our products work.

Simple common sense, with forward thinking science.

It starts with the basics: Understand that every horse is different.

A flat racing horse undergoes very different stresses to a dressage horse or a polo pony. Why would you feed them the same and expect all three to perform at the highest level and stay healthy?

Depending on the unique stresses your horse will undergo, in addition to their own unique physical condition, your horse is likely to need a little extra help to stay healthy.

Having moved horses out of their natural environment, into busy working yards, it's no wonder that they often need a little extra support to stay in top condition. Whether that's joint health, gastric function, behavioral problems or respiration - We may very well have just the product! 

We use ingredients that can help with certain bodily functions, and combine them.

Our ethos is that your horse has the ability to fix itself - it just needs the right building blocks to do so.

All of our formulas are created using the highest quality ingredients, which each individually support an area of positive function within the body.

At the Equine edge, we believe it's about giving your horse what it requires to function to the best of its ability. 

 Given the right input, you will discover the results for yourself.

Built to utilise Nitric Oxide pathways.

Our supplements are carefully formulated to use Nitric Oxide pathways to deliver nutrients to the areas your horse needs them most. 

Traditionally Nitric Oxide is a free radical, however our formulas contain a special blend of anti-oxidants which stabilize the Nitric Oxide to become a power for positive health and nutrient delivery.

Nitric Oxide can be used by the body when combined with the ingredients in our complementary feed. This then creates a powerful bio transmitter that allows your horse perform and achieve more efficiently than ever. 

Unlocked using only a blend of high quality amino acids, vitamins, herbs and mineral, this Nobel Prize winning science is the key to your horses' success!

If you have any questions, just ask:

We have a team of expert's, here and happy to help!

Opening hours:  

Monday to Friday: 9am to 5pm. 

Saturday & Sunday: Closed. 

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Free delivery on all orders.

Orders are dispatched by 3pm daily. 

Regular delivery time: 1-3 days.

Phone: 01638 592 264 



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