Our 24 year legacy 

Where it all started... 

our supplement range was developed through demand for a drug free, competition safe supplement to help build lean muscle in young racehorses. After the banning of steroids in thoroughbred horse racing, the industry called out for a safer, healthier, and legal alternative. This is where Bob came along. 

If you've read our 'meet the team' page, you'll know that our CEO and formulator, Bob Fogli developed our supplement range after much persuasion from friends and acquaintances all working in the equestrian industry. They saw the effects that his human supplements were having on his clients, and wondered if he could help find a solution to their problem. 

This requirement to ensure our products are competition safe, along with Bob's no-extra-fuss mentality, has been at the heart of T.H.E Equine Edge during its expansion. This is why you wont find any fillers, binders or unnecessary nonsense in our supplements - only 100% natural ingredients. 

24 years later, T.H.E Equine Edge have played a part in the success of thousands of horses across the US, UK and Europe. Three years ago, opening the T.H.E Equine Edge Ltd here in Newmarket, to supply and support our growing European market. A step towards fulfilling our philosophy that every horse, although unique, deserves the best. 

With your valued support, we are able to continue growing, reaching more and more horses that are able to benefit from our supplements. It is hearing your stories and being able to play a small part in your horse's journey that motivates us to produce and supply these products. 

If you have any suggestions, ideas or simply want a chat, we encourage you drop us a message. Play your part in the next 24 years of history at T.H.E Equine Edge. 

We have worked with people at all stages in their equestrian journey. From professional trainers and riders, to Sunday morning hackers. Some of the more notable names in the racing industry you might have heard of include Bob Baffert and Art Sherman. We're proud to have played a part in the success of their horses. Every step forward our customers take in achieving their goals is something we celebrate - whether it's winning that big race, getting your horse out to their first show, or simply returning them back to health.

Trainer: Bob Baffert 

Value: £45.6 million

  • The triple crown, June 10th 2018.

    Considered the greatest accomplishment in Thoroughbred racing. 

Trainer: Bob Baffert 

Value: £45.6 million

  • The triple crown, 2015. 

    (The first time it had been won in 37 years)!

  • Horse of the year, 2015.

Trainer: Bob Baffert 

  • Worlds best racehorse - 2016, Longies.

  • Breeders Cup Classic, Grade 1, $4,500,000

Trainer: Art Sherman 

  • Horse of the year 2014.

  • Horse of the year 2016.

  • 2016 Dubai World Cup Winner.

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