Calmer Cookies

Calmer Cookies

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Soy flour, Flax Meal, L-Tyrosine, Himalayan Salt, Turmeric, Zinc, Molasses.


Nutritional analysis:

  • Total Oil - 6.67%
  • Sodium - 0.07%
  • Crude Protein - 17.20%
  • Crude Fiber - 1.90%
  • Crude Ash - 6.30%
  • Moisture - 13.00%


What are they for?

Perfect for any horse in a situation of stress, Calmer Cookies provide a natural, easy to administer alternative to syringe type supplements. All the natural ingredients required, compacted into one tasty treat-like Cookie, additional stress can be avoided. 
Our Calmer Cookies can be used for a variety of situations that may cause your horse additional stress, anxiety or fear. From loading, clipping and settling into a new yard, all the way to inside the show ring. Keeping your horse calm, relaxed and focused without the lack of concentration feeling or affecting the ability to compete.


How does it work?

Using the amino acid L-Tyrosine, the natural production of serotonin is prompted in the body. This is a powerful neurotransmitter that gives the horse a relaxed feeling without losing focus or dulling the senses. This makes our Calmer Cookies safe to use for riding related tasks and other competition related opportunities.


What are the feeding instructions?

Feed one to three Calmer Cookies per day as a daily supplement to build up a sensation of relaxation for longer term use. 

For occasional use, administer one Calmer Cookie 45 minutes prior to requirement of effects. Top up during the time of requirement, if necessary, with an additional Cookie.

To keep the effects topped-up, it is safe to administer up to three Calmer Cookies every four hours if required. 


We recommend using our calming powder as an initial introduction to bolster the effects, alongside this using the cookies as a top up when necessary for an even longer lasting effect. 

Please note that every horse is different and will metabolise at different rates, along with differing pre-existing levels of serotonin. This means you may need to administer more than one Calmer Cookie to obtain desired effects, please contact our administration team for more information regarding changes in the usage of the product. 


If there are any ingredients you are looking to avoid, please get in touch! We manufacture all of our supplements here on site in Newmarket. This means we are able customise any of our supplements to suit your horse's unique requirements.