Top dressage horses & trainers use our supplements.

Supplements for dressage horses

Dressage requires focus, control, vitality and healthy joints.

We have a collection of the best horse supplements you can use if you have a dressage horse.

We can't guarantee that our products will "fix" any specific issue. That being said some of the top horses in the world use our supplements - so we will leave it to you to make up your own mind.

Which supplements may help:

Calmer Cookies

Bite size, cost effective treats. They help to promote a positive mindset and behaviour, without dulling the mind or performance.


Muscle Strength

We believe Muscle Strength is a powerful supplement that can help with muscle development and improving condition. 



We believe GastroPLUS nutritionally supports healthy digestion and helps with gastric issues.



High in salts which may help to improve hydration.



We believe that JointFLEX can help with joint movement by improving the lubrication in the joint.



We believe that JointPLUS can help to support bones, cartilage and tendons.


Omega Chews

Full of nutrition which may help with your horse's general condition including hair, hooves, skin & digestion.



May help increase blood flow, the delivery of nutrition around the body and long term general well-being.


Calmer Powder

The same as our calming cookies, but in a powder to be used with feed.


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